Went out for a bike ride around 7:30 and ended up in Pleasanton. Took a wrong turn coming back and I’m just getting home now. Oh well, more exercise I guess? Got called a bitch by some girl who was letting off steam in between arguing with two other guys on the street corner. I forgive you. Also saw an ambulance with lights flashing but no siren (it is the middle of the night after all) rush to an office building. They didn’t come out with a body so I’m hoping it was nothing too serious.



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Kremlin – Waking E (72 plays)

I just recently got around to listening to Kremlin’s Last Last EP. I guess because it was the last thing they released before breaking up, they had a chance to be a little more experimental. This is my favorite track from the tape.

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still not sure why they included this sex scene

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"When you’re not distracted by visual images, you develop a life within your mind."

Sanford Greenberg

White Pressure – The Pleasures Of Chamber Music (22 plays)

I stupidly sold this comp awhile ago, but this is my favorite song from it. It’s actually the only song I’ve heard from this band. It’s fairly eclectic as far as compilations go, Vaccine and SQRM were also on this.

Real Enemy – Self-Inflicted Wimp (24 plays)

I stayed up too late on Friday night and laid in bed for a long time on Saturday. I didn’t feel great but eventually decided to visit 1-2-3-4go Records in Oakland to see if they had anything left. I got some pretty cool records and ran into the singer of Real Enemy, who seemed shocked and thrilled that anyone remembered and enjoyed his band. Definitely worth going out.


Destruction Unit. 4/16/2014. Oakland. 

Keep in mind they turned all the lights off so this show was pretty much black except for moving shadows and the occasional camera flash. It was awesome.

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A guy telling his story of being kidnapped.