Destruction Unit. 4/16/2014. Oakland. 

Keep in mind they turned all the lights off so this show was pretty much black except for moving shadows and the occasional camera flash. It was awesome.

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A guy telling his story of being kidnapped.

I was trying to get to bed much earlier but I had too much tea or something. Anyways, that Murderer tape is catchy as fuck. Over and out.

Destruction Unit was great.



Zero Progress records at our friend’s house for the next Toxic Breeds Funhouse comp. Thanks Kevin!

Very serious.

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All over your fuckin beliefs

All over your fuckin beliefs

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Accidentally faked a group of people out by eating frozen yogurt next to the cold stone that closed an hour ago. Sorry for giving you false hope.


add superbad to the criterion collection

or at least to netflix

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old band

old band